Welcome to Pinnacle

Pinnacle Solutions is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with a broad range of experience in Engineering, Development and Light Manufacturing; Integrated Product Support; and Program, Training and Technical Services. With proven cost, schedule and technical performance on a number of successful prime contracts, Pinnacle has demonstrated the capability to successfully execute tasks in each of these three primary Business Areas.

Products and Services

Program, Training and Technical Support

  • Aircraft and Simulator Maintenance
  • Software, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Integration and IT Support
  • Simulator Instructor/Operators
  • Instructor Pilot/Instrument Examiners
  • Platform Instructors
  • Program Management and Control

Engineering, Development & Light Manufacturing

  • Virtual Learning Environments
  • Computer-Based Training
  • Part Task Trainers
  • Reconfigurable/Collective Trainers
  • Maintenance Training Devices
  • Flight Training Devices

Integrated Product Support

  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Graphics and Illustration Development
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)
  • Conversion of Paper-Based Manuals to IETM Format
  • Modification Work Orders
  • Logistics Support Analysis Record/Report (LSAR)
  • Provisioning

Latest News

12.30.15 | Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. Awarded USAF KC-10 Training System Contract

12.23.15 | Pinnacle Solutions Inc. Successfully Completes Multiple Missions in Support of NASA AMOC

12.21.15 | Pinnacle Solutions Inc. Awarded PEOSTRI ACTT PDSS Contract

11.20.15 | Pinnacle Solutions Inc. signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Czech Republic state company LOM Praha

11.01.15 | Pinnacle Solutions Inc. awarded a contract to supply 25 AN/ARC-231 Simulation Kits and a software fleet license

9.24.15 | SATMO Option Year Awarded to Pinnacle Solutions

4.09.15 | FRPPC Option Year 1 Awarded to Pinnacle Solutions

3.27.15 | SOF TEAMS II Option Year 1 Awarded to Pinnacle Solutions

11.21.14 | Pinnacle Wins NASA Aircraft Maintenance and Operations Contract

7.01.14 | Pinnacle Wins NASA FRPPC Contract

4.01.14 | Pinnacle Solutions Inc. Awarded MH-47G New Build TM Development Contract



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