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Simulation Programs

Pinnacle has a highly qualified systems, hardware, and software engineering team to provide low-risk solutions for the modification, development and/or production of motion and non-motion training devices for multiple weapons systems. We have repeatedly demonstrated our exceptional understanding of training systems design, development, integration, test, and fielding on a wide variety of programs. Additionally, our size, organizational characteristics, and business processes enable us to be consistently flexible and responsive to the critical training missions of our customers.
Pinnacle’s specific experience and expertise encompasses:

  • Systems Engineering: Requirements Analysis, System Architecture Development, Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Design, Implementation, Integration and Test
  • Hardware Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical Design, Component Specification, Manufacturing, Integration and Test
  • Software Engineering: Applications Development, Systems Integration and Test, Computational System Rehosts, real-time operating systems integration, and distributed computing environments
  • Information Assurance: Cybersecurity implementation without compromising training device performance, evaluation, control and certification including NIST SP 800-37 Risk Management Framework (RMF), Authority to Operate (ATO) package development, and Authority to Connect (ATC) package development
  • Distributed Mission Operations: Implementation involving both High Level Architecture (HLA) and IEEE Standard 1278 Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS). Includes design, software development, integration and testing with Mobility Air Force (MAF) Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) standards and certifications

Our experience in this domain spans Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, and Surface Warfare weapon systems and includes training devices that support both maintainers and operators. Our capabilities consist of:

  • Technical Refreshes
  • Concurrency Upgrades
  • Technology Insertion
  • Modifications and Upgrades
  • New Builds
  • Testbench/development systems
LCS1 BPTT SimulatorPinnacle's Black Hawk Electrical Trainer (BHET)KC-10 Training System


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