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Flight Operations and Training Services

Pinnacle provides a full range of domestic and international flight operations and training services for manned and unmanned aircraft. For manned aircraft, our certified instructors and simulator technicians support training for over 5,500 students each year. For unmanned aircraft we currently employee instructors and support personnel that provide training for over 2,500 students each year in nine different academic programs. We provide instructor pilots, instrument examiners, platforms instructors, and simulator instructors. Our experience includes:

  • KC-10 Training Systems
  • UH-60 A/L/M and AH-64E Pilot and Maintenance Instruction
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight and Maintenance Instruction (MQ-1C and RQ-7B)
  • MCTS PDSS: UH60 A/L/M, CH-47F, and AH 64-D/E Subject Matter Experts
  • CV22 Maintenance/fight training for pilots and flight engineers
  • Virtual maintenance and flight training ~ customized for cockpit/equipment familiarization
  • Maintenance Augmented Training (MAT) UH-1 and UH-2


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