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September 11, 2019

UAS IMS Current Status: Update #5

PM Update, UAS IMS: Release #5, 10 September 2019   Open House is set: Come down and have all your questions answered. Whether Pinnacle, Textron or AOCG, reps are here to assist. When: 16-18 September from 0700-1900. Location: The Wick Bldg. 333 W. Wilcox Dr., Suite 204. Signage will direct Textron and AOCG personnel to the correct Suite in the same Building. Please see the below checklist (Team  mates will have similar checklists) so that you may prepare. Missing requirements will need to be completed NLT 30 October, but why not knock it out the first time? Thank you, on […]
August 28, 2019

UAS IMS Current Status: Update #4

PM Update, UAS IMS: Release #4, 28 August 2019 Future Pinnacle Team: Get used to the new logo! Wear it with pride. –  NEW! If you work on the Shadow Flight Line, please go apply to our requisitions posted on the website. Long wait, but you are all welcome to join the team! ALL Shadow Maintenance and Maintenance Training personnel qualify under the PWS. Textron will also retain some Mechanic/Crew Chief positions. –  Requirements are now known, and all initial offers are out, with about an 85% acceptance rate in the first week! Many sections are already at 100% staffing! […]
July 26, 2019

UAS IMS Current Status: Update #3

PM Update, UAS IMS: Release #3, 26 July 2019 Future Pinnacle Team: Phase in is 01August through 31 October. Your first day on our team is 01 November 2019. Here is what you can expect in the next few weeks:       – Our PMO office will be ready on 1 August, giving us all a physical location that is fully staffed by 12 August. One stop shopping in the future, as our teammates will occupy the same suite.       – Lines of communications are reopened and active with the COR and ACC Orlando; as we receive actionable information we will […]
April 16, 2019

UAS IMS Current Status: Update #2

PM Update, UAS IMS: Release #2, 16 April 2019  Future Pinnacle Team members: By now most know that there has been a Protest filed with GAO. So, what does that mean? 1. GAO has until 10 July 2019 to decide validity; however, it could come sooner. We remain confident of prevailing, no matter what the basis of the protest is. 2. ACC Orlando has issued a “stop work” to Pinnacle, which simply means we can’t charge for transition nor have official meetings with the Government. (Post Award Conference being most significant) 3. Pinnacle has made an internal decision to keep […]
March 25, 2019

Intro to the Pinnacle Team

Intro to the Pinnacle Team: Release #1, 25 March 2019   Welcome to the Pinnacle Team! We know that is has been a long and tedious wait, but you can all relax and take a deep breath now. Our local, and senior management team in Huntsville has it from here, and will make transition as transparent as possible. We will continue to use this forum to pass information, timelines and requirements. Please bookmark this page and check it frequently! The Pinnacle Team is comprised of three Aerospace-centric companies. In addition to Pinnacle, Textron and AOC (formerly Battlespace Flight Services) form […]
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