Pinnacle’s UH-60 A/L Virtual Maintenance Trainer Used in Training Afghan Maintainers
August 30, 2019
Pinnacle Equipping KC-10 Simulators with Lm2
September 30, 2019
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PM Update, UAS IMS: Release #5, 10 September 2019


Open House is set: Come down and have all your questions answered. Whether Pinnacle, Textron or AOCG, reps are here to assist.

When: 16-18 September from 0700-1900.

Location: The Wick Bldg. 333 W. Wilcox Dr., Suite 204. Signage will direct Textron and AOCG personnel to the correct Suite in the same Building.

Please see the below checklist (Team  mates will have similar checklists) so that you may prepare. Missing requirements will need to be completed NLT 30 October, but why not knock it out the first time?

Thank you, on behalf of our growing team!




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