UAS IMS Current Status: Update #3
July 26, 2019
Pinnacle’s UH-60 A/L Virtual Maintenance Trainer Used in Training Afghan Maintainers
August 30, 2019
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PM Update, UAS IMS: Release #4, 28 August 2019

Future Pinnacle Team: Get used to the new logo! Wear it with pride.

–  NEW! If you work on the Shadow Flight Line, please go apply to our requisitions posted on the website. Long wait, but you are all welcome to join the team! ALL Shadow Maintenance and Maintenance Training personnel qualify under the PWS. Textron will also retain some Mechanic/Crew Chief positions.

–  Requirements are now known, and all initial offers are out, with about an 85% acceptance rate in the first week! Many sections are already at 100% staffing! Additional offers will still go out once shortfalls are assessed; no one should worry at this point. On a task this large, and coordinated across three Companies? Yes, there were a couple things that were missed and will be circled back to for action.

–  Open House is set: Come down and have all your questions answered on 16-18 September. Pinnacle, Textron and AOCG will have HR and Management Reps on site. The Wick Bldg. @ 333 W. Wilcox Dr., Suite 204. Signage will direct Textron and AOCG personnel to the correct Suite in the same Building.

What each of you can do to prep (By Open House, but NLT 28 October)

– Make sure your resumes are updated to include all current quals, flight hours, etc. If the one we have on file does not include “audit proof” info on your quals and experience, it will need to be updated for record. No need to reapply, just have the info ready for your new employer.

– Obtain your records, such as proponency certs, last hearing test, last physical, date/status of your clearance, WTA Driver’s License, and Flight Records. We met with the Govt and Raytheon, and it is agreed, YOU own your records. Pinnacle will be allowed Flight Records review just prior to full performance to ensure we can submit the necessary forms to keep you flying on a mid-week transfer of the Contract.

– Locate a Passport, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License and Social Security card. One or more of those items will be needed for proof of right to work in the U.S. (Federally mandated I-9 form).

– Understand the benefits of change from salaried exempt to SCA non-exempt (hourly). We have heard the questions and concerns. This is simple: Hourly wage benefits the employee. Your pay is your pay, with benefits coming out of an additional pot of money. Think “Total Compensation” versus comparing a salary to an hourly rate. This topic has been the biggest question generator as offers went out. Bring your questions to the OPEN HOUSE. Pinnacle and our Teammates have slight variances in how they handle the additional hourly H&W so we can’t speak for one another on this.

– Accept your offer within the time allotted on the letter you receive. Incumbents not accepting their initial offer may be given a second opportunity to accept the same offer if vacancies still exist after outside applicants are given an opportunity. Incumbents not receiving an initial offer may also get an offer later in the transition.

– We will need Shirt/Jacket/Hat sizes at open house; we will also take badge photos.

CAC Cards: Incumbents will be extended. We are providing accepted offer lists to the Government so that they may extend your CAC on a new contract number. You will also be asked (while still on WFF) to digitally sign a DD 2875 form. This allows continued access to the Network……please cooperate when asked to submit the signed form. It is a Govt requirement and they will countersign and send to the NEC on Ft. Huachuca.

Please continue to stay mission focused. 01 November will be here in a flash!

Mission first; People always!





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