Pinnacle Awarded Games for Training under Computer Based Instructional Design (CBID) II Contract
June 27, 2019
UAS IMS Current Status: Update #4
August 28, 2019
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PM Update, UAS IMS: Release #3, 26 July 2019

Future Pinnacle Team: Phase in is 01August through 31 October. Your first day on our team is 01 November 2019. Here is what you can expect in the next few weeks:

      – Our PMO office will be ready on 1 August, giving us all a physical location that is fully staffed by 12 August. One stop shopping in the future, as our teammates will occupy the same suite.

      – Lines of communications are reopened and active with the COR and ACC Orlando; as we receive actionable information we will execute, and keep you informed.

      – Post Award Conference (PAC) is set for 06 August; guidance and direction at PAC will drive our transition timeline, potentially including the timing of offers.

      – Offers will be staged by work areas once we have final numbers from the Government; all initial offers for incumbents will be sent in August. In areas where teammates share the work? We will coordinate offer timing to reduce stress on all of you.

      – A week-long Open House and orientation for all future team members is tentatively scheduled for September. This event is designed to capture necessary info and answer any further questions you may have AFTER accepting our offer. A web update will be released that specifically addresses schedule and content, once the actual dates are set.

      – Following our Open House, you will have 30-45 days to complete on boarding requirements for whichever teammate you are joining. These requirements will be closely tracked and must be completed prior to Day 1 of full performance. You will be advised of the actual date.

What each of you can do to prep:

      – Avoid the rumor mill. We will keep communications open and are the accurate source for any questions. Forget what you know or have heard about other transitions; this one is well-planned and will be executed with both mission and future team members foremost in our minds.

      – Make sure your resumes are updated to include all current quals, flight hours, etc. If the one we have on file does not include “audit proof” info on your quals and experience, it will need to be updated for record. No need to reapply, just have the info ready for your new employer.

      – Make every attempt to obtain your records, such as proponency certs, last hearing test, last physical, date/status of your clearance, WTA Driver’s License, and Flight Records. We will make requests to get this info from Raytheon and the Government, however the burden of proof is on individual applicants.

      – Know your first start date on this work, that was not interrupted by employment elsewhere, regardless of movement to another Company performing this work. It could have been any company supporting UAS on Fort Huachuca, so long as you did not leave this contract or its predecessor in between changing employers supporting 2/13th.

      – Now is a good time to ensure you locate a Passport, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License and Social Security card. One or more of those items will be needed for proof of right to work in the U.S. (Federally mandated I-9 form).

      – Understand the benefits of change from salaried exempt to SCA non-exempt (hourly). We have heard the questions and concerns. This is simple: Hourly wage benefits the employee. Your pay is your pay, with benefits coming out of an additional pot of money. Think “Total Compensation” versus comparing a salary to an hourly rate. You will be pleasantly surprised with your net after taxes and benefits are deducted versus a salaried worker; you will also be pleasantly surprised with 1.5 x pay for OT, and there will likely be opportunities for OT.

      – Accept your offer within the time allotted on the letter you receive. As we see shortfalls by work area we must move on to outside applicants. We absolutely value the incumbent workforce and would like to meet 100% of our numbers from within. Incumbents not accepting their initial offer may be given a second opportunity to accept the same offer if vacancies still exist after outside applicants are given an opportunity. Incumbents not receiving an initial offer may also get an offer later in the transition.

Please continue to stay mission focused during this transition. We understand the stress that this unanticipated delay has induced. As we go forward, we ask you to understand that we have not been able to engage the Government with questions or concerns, however, we now can and will.  Please join us and give Pinnacle the time and the opportunity to work for you!

Mission first; People always!





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