Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (Pinnacle) was awarded a contract by Raytheon’s Orlando-based Global Training Solutions (GTS) for Pinnacle-developed off-the-shelf VXT© Core (VXT©) software for two new aircraft variants – the MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopter (MD 530F) and Cessna 208B Caravan (C-208) aircraft. The final products, MD 530F and C-208 Virtual Maintenance Trainers (VMTs) will provide an immersive 3-D environment for computer-based training of Afghan Air Force aircraft maintainers under the Aviation Maintenance Development Center (AMDC) Task Order primed by Raytheon GTS under the Enterprise Training Service Contract (ETSC).

Pinnacle’s MD 530F and C-208 Subject Matter Experts/Instructors will be utilizing the newly developed VMTs for tailored and all-encompassing instruction provided to Afghan students as an integral part of Raytheon’s aircraft maintenance training programs under this contract. The VMTs will be used for aircraft systems, subsystems, and component familiarization, as well as fault isolation and troubleshooting. The individual work packages strictly follow approved maintenance manuals and make the VMTs ideal training tools for Afghan maintainers.

As proven through the use of Pinnacle’s UH-60 VMT on the same contract, the MD 530F and C-208 VMTs will provide lessons that are available in instructor-led extended introduction (“basic” or “guided”) mode, instruction/check-on-learning (“intermediate”) mode, and faults/evaluation (“advanced”) mode. The extended introduction mode allows the student to perform maintenance procedures correctly, demonstrating step-by-step instruction, proper tool use, and true-to-life actions required to perform a given task. The intermediate and advanced modes include checks on learning, troubleshooting faults, and evaluation. The modes challenge the student to complete a self-paced assessment accurately, while the software grades task performance in a full virtual simulation and provides proficiency training reports.