Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. signed a contract with Raytheon’s Orlando based Global Training Solutions (GTS) for two UH-60 A/L Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) classrooms to be delivered under the Task Order for Aviation Maintenance Training of Afghan Air Force awarded in July 2019. This Task Order was issued under the Enterprise Training Service Contract (ETSC) by the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI).

The UH-60 VMT, developed by Pinnacle as an Internal Research & Development project, is a powerful and sophisticated computer-based training platform for Black Hawk maintainers at all skill levels. The VMT may be used for aircraft systems, subsystems, and component familiarization as well as fault isolation, and troubleshooting. The individual work packages strictly follow approved maintenance manuals and make the VMT an ideal training tool for Afghan maintainers. Use of the VMT reduces the traditional use of physical devices or in a worst-case scenario, actual aircraft, while improving retention and comprehension of the material by greatly increasing the number of hours and repetitions available for individual student training.  The VMT can also be used for recurrent training to reinforce and refresh knowledge or procedures and skills that are not applied on a regular basis.

Pinnacle’s UH-60 Subject Matter Experts/Instructors will be utilizing the UH-60 VMT for instruction provided to Afghan Air Force students as an integral part of Raytheon’s new Afghan Maintenance Training Program.