On October 20, 2016 Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. was awarded a follow-on contract to the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Aerial Robotics Virtual Laboratory (ARVL).  ARVL was developed to support the Program Objectives of multiple degree programs at ERAU Worldwide, from Bachelors level degrees to Masters level degrees.

In the lab, students are challenged to identify, test, integrate, and use various airframes and components commonly utilized in the design and development of Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS).  ARVL has three main components, or areas. The first area the student encounters is the lab environment. There are four lab activities contained in this system. Each is related to a specific type of component used on the design of a UAS. The four lab environments are Dynamics, Optics/Thermal, Propulsion, and Signal Propagation.  The second area the student’s visits is the Assembly Environment. In this environment students are presented with a selection of UAS components which they must pick from to design and assemble a complete system which is suited to the mission they have been assigned. The students can view detailed statistics of each component and have the ability to assemble their system in a two dimensional (blueprint) view or a three dimensional view by dragging and dropping components onto a chassis.  The final area is a mountainous flight test environment. After assembling a system, the student is given the opportunity to test their design for a given mission. The Flight environment allows the student to map a flight plan which their system will automatically fly while they are free to control the sensor package.

The purpose of the newly awarded modification is to implement a second, agricultural flight test environment, as well as update the lab’s framework to be more modular to allow for more rapid modifications and updates in the future.  The period of performance for this $85K update continues through May of 2017.