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Pinnacle rehosted legacy, closed architecture computer subsystems on the KC-10 Weapon Systems Trainer (WST) to open architecture subsystems with source code and government purpose rights. The KC-10 presented a peculiar challenge for a rehost effort due to the integration and extent of the legacy architecture. Legacy subsystems and interfaces dependent on the legacy host extended into the avionics interfaces, hydraulic motion, control loading, Instructor Operator Station (IOS) software, and autotest. To address the obsolete host architecture, the computer systems and interfaces for all the legacy subsystems had to be upgraded to communicate with the new host.

Pinnacle built a new IOS framework in C# to satisfy the requirements of an open architecture IOS system that did not require recompiling to facilitate changes to page layout and functionality. Pinnacle developed an IOS layout tool, Sherpa
©, to design and create IOS pages and components. Pinnacle also developed its Everest© IOS executive for rendering IOS pages, accepting instructor inputs, and communicating with the host. Pinnacle’s Everest© IOS features real-time plots, a full-featured map, and lesson-plan functionality.

The rehosted KC-10 WST has been certified by Air Mobility Command (AMC) as a Level C device according to Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAAs) Advisory Circular (AC) 120-40B and Aerial Refueling Airplane Simulator Qualification (ARASQ), Revision B.