In late April 2019, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (Pinnacle) was awarded a new task order under the CBID II Contract. The new task order, Games for Training, was officially kicked-off during the last week of May 2019.

Over the next 30 months, Pinnacle’s CBID II Team will provide our US Army customers – the Project Manager Integrated Training Environment (PM ITE) and Product Manager Warrior Training Integration (PdM WTI) with assistance in establishing and configuring Games for Training (GFT) Automated Electronic Classrooms (AECs) for semi-immersive Virtual Battle Space (VBS) 3 simulation training at up to 115 designated US Army Active, Reserve, and National Guard locations in both the Continental US (CONUS) and Outside Continental US (OCONUS).

VBS3 is a commercial game-based first-person shooter training capability that was initially awarded by PEO STRI in 2012 and US Army units use it daily to conduct individual and collective training. With each suite consisting of 50+ workstations, the CBID II Team will be handling all hardware logistics, installing and testing GFT AEC software, in addition to developing, delivering and conducting the New Equipment Training. Pinnacle is excited about yet another opportunity to support training of our soldiers.

Pinnacle was awarded the CBID II Contract from the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) in May 2017. PEO STRI’s customers can order training services and products related to computer-based training using this contract vehicle through 2022.