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License Plate Game – New Pinnacle Tradition?


By Chad Burton

April 15th Kevin Hazellief, Theron Davis, Terry Brutus and I drove to Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri to capture images as part of a data gathering for CBID II DO-6, a.k.a. CEVT. DO-6 Construction Equipment Virtual Training (CEVT) is a $180,000 effort to develop an estimated 5 hours of web-based, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) for five vehicle systems. Our customer, Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCOE) has given us 12 months to complete the IMI development.

As we embarked on our journey from Huntsville to Ft. Leonard Wood and with such a long drive ahead of us, we decided to start a new Pinnacle tradition… Playing the license plate game! After a nine-hour drive, we finally arrived and managed to get license plates from 30 different states, but the real work would start the following day.

Tuesday, I started photographing the first of five vehicles while the others discussed the requirements of the project with the customers. By the end of the day, I had gotten through taking enough shots of two vehicles, but the forecast didn’t look good for the next afternoon. Wednesday we prioritized the outside shots and soon finished those before moving inside for the interior shots. We had to be conscious of what was in the background and that the equipment was well lit. We spent time between each shot setting up lighting and framing the shot to be well composed because these photographs will be used in the final product – the virtual training.  By the end of the day, we finished with every piece of equipment, putting us a day ahead of our schedule. This was fortunate as Thursday’s weather was rainy, dreary, and not good for taking the photos we needed. We had our closing meeting with the customer representatives before heading home.

On the way back we continued playing the license plate game. By the time we returned to Huntsville, we had spotted forty-one different states and set the bar for all future Pinnacle trips. The data gathering trip to Ft. Leonard Wood was both fun and productive for the team!


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