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Lexington Employees Learn that ESOP is no Fable! 

By Julie Centers

On June 3rd, Pinnacle employee owners from Lexington and their significant others were invited to a dinner hosted by Pinnacle leadership. The purpose of the dinner was to educate Lexington Employee Owners on what it means to be a part of an employee owned company, to brief the health of the company and to reveal the 2018 share price. The meeting took place at Malone’s Prime Events and Receptions in Lexington. Over 50 guests were in attendance.

Employee Owners learned that personal ownership not only make the company better, but grows their individual wealth at the same time. Lexington Employee Owners learned that Pinnacle has three ESOP Cultural Advisory Teams. Volunteers from the Lexington and Bluegrass offices were sought to ensure that Lexington employee owners have a say in ESOP actions. Dawn O’Conner volunteered to join the Employee Coalition and Chris Meehan volunteered to join the Philanthropy team.  

Mike pointed out that he is proud that our company Mission and Vision has stayed true throughout our 11 year history, and that Pinnacle’s commitment to our core values is one of the things that has put us on top in our industry and will keep us there. Lexington employee owners learned that 2018 has led to many organizational successes and contract awards that will see us well into the future; that our pipeline of work is strong and so our company success is on target to become even stronger.  This could mean great financial gains for Pinnacle and its owners! Pinnacle’s 2018 share value was revealed at an increase of over 21%!!!



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