Aircraft simulators: Training Airmen for real-world flights
March 12, 2019
Pinnacle Solutions awarded a $533M UAS IMS Contract with the U.S. Army
March 28, 2019
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Intro to the Pinnacle Team: Release #1, 25 March 2019


Welcome to the Pinnacle Team! We know that is has been a long and tedious wait, but you can all relax and take a deep breath now. Our local, and senior management team in Huntsville has it from here, and will make transition as transparent as possible. We will continue to use this forum to pass information, timelines and requirements. Please bookmark this page and check it frequently!

The Pinnacle Team is comprised of three Aerospace-centric companies. In addition to Pinnacle, Textron and AOC (formerly Battlespace Flight Services) form the winning team. We are dedicated to being a true team, much more so than simply saying team because we share the work. As the prime contractor, Pinnacle has >50% of the work with our team mates having the remainder. Yes, that means the workforce will be divided across all companies. We just don’t know exactly whom or what section goes where until the Government has its post award conference (expected by 10 April). We will share that info as soon as we possibly can!

No matter where you land, you are in good hands!; We are sharing management and leadership positions; we are even sharing the same PMO office! More importantly, every team member will have a voice. We will establish various teams and coalitions to ensure all input is heard. If you are working, your Leads and Managers will be there……. day, night, or overnights! Pinnacle leadership will work for you, not the other way around!

Timelines are still in flux. We have a comprehensive plan/schedule but are awaiting the Government’s “all clear” to execute. Our award stated that transition should begin 1 April and end 30 June. If that holds, each of you would start with the team on Monday, 1 July. Offers will go out within the first 30 days of transition, with a week long Open House for on-boarding at about the 45 day mark (around mid-May). Pinnacle’s careers tab is the single place to apply, regardless of the team mate you may work for in the future. It relieves you of three applications processes. If you haven’t applied, please do so ASAP as we can’t make an offer otherwise. If you have any questions about the application process, Sarah Arnette, Pinnacle Senior Recruiter, can help you and can be reached at 256-429-9163.

In the future, we will try to bulletize input so that you can quickly “get it and go”. Those that know Jeff know that he is a straight shooter that has been associated with this work for nearly 15 years. Please, relax, stay the course and you will be pleasantly surprised at what we will create together..

We are the Pinnacle Team! “Mission First; People Always!”  Best regards, Jeff and the Pinnacle team!


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