Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (Pinnacle) was awarded a subcontract for the development of a web-based informational and instructional product intended to enhance viewer understanding and accurately simulate the UH-60M Blade Repair Work Packages (WPs) using eLearning techniques and Army Aviation maintenance personnel input. For this effort, Pinnacle will be a subcontractor to Science and Engineering Services, LLC. on the Logistics Support Facility Management Activity (LSFMA) Multiple Award Indefinite-Delivery-Indefinite-Quantity (MAIDIQ) contract.

Over the next six months, this eLearning product effort will result in the development of five WPs for Main Rotor Blade Repair – Skin and Core Plug Patch Repair; Lightning Mesh Repair; Inboard Trailing Edge; Anhedral Bond Line Repair Procedure; and Vacuum Bag and Cure Procedures. For each of these repairs/WPs, Pinnacle’s development team will perform a detailed assessment of the technical manual description and then select the best eLearning technique(s) to be applied to each instructional material package. Once finalized and approved by the customer, Pinnacle will deliver the UH-60M Blade Repair Work Package products on DVDs in HTML5 format.

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