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February 1, 2019
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February 1, 2019
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Employee Spotlight – Gary Bailey

Our Black Hawk “SME” or better the H-60 helicopter Subject Matter Expert, Gary Bailey, joined the Pinnacle Team in November 2016. He immediately dove, head first, into the deep end of UH-60 Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) development. As an experienced helicopter maintainer, mentor, and leader, Gary took the 3D artists and developers under his wings and provided invaluable guidance needed for making the VMT a functional, and awesome-looking training tool. His hard work, during the first year at Pinnacle, earned him The Pinnacle Leadership Award. Gary was greatly missed during the long weeks of his deployment during Fall of 2017. On a regular day, VMT development keeps Gary very busy, but his role at Pinnacle is much more than that. Gary regularly supports meetings with customers, conducts VMT demos, and represents Pinnacle at many trade shows.

Besides his civilian career, Gary has served in the US Army and Army National Guard for almost 26 years.  Recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major, Gary’s Guard job is now the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer for the State Army Aviation Office, Joint Force HQ of the Tennessee National Guard.  During his active career, Gary deployed to Korea in 1997 and to Bosnia in 2000. As a guardsman, he deployed on a combat tour to Iraq in 2009-2010, and was a part of the Virgin Islands Hurricane Support Team in 2017.

Please join us in congratulating Gary on his new rank of Sergeant Major. We wish him all the best in his professional, military, and personal life!


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