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Occasionally we undertake a project that’s out of the ordinary, and today’s work falls into that category. Several weeks ago, Al Conaway took the lead on a project to replace a disabled veteran’s wheelchair ramp. After a closer inspection he discovered the problem wasn’t with the existing ramp, it was with the driveway and street access leading up to the ramp. Basically, the driveway was too narrow and the concrete so worn out that approaching the ramp leading up to the house was difficult and dangerous. So, our small wheelchair ramp project turned into a complete renovation of the entire driveway.

To say that this falls outside the typical thing we do at StandWatch is an understatement, but Al really stepped up. He was able to put together a group of volunteers and contractors and they got rolling today. Starting at 6:00am this morning, they tore out the existing driveway and by 2:00pm had a new one poured. All of the labor was donated by Keaton Construction company in Milton. Their support saved us thousands of dollars and made this project possible. Thank you Greg Keaton and crew!

Specifically, we want to recognize:

  • Greg Keaton
  • Dwayne Fetty
  • Chandler Keaton
  • Jarrett Keaton
  • Ron Yates
  • Donny Shoop
  • Evan Conaway

We’d also like to thank the manager of Home Depot in Barboursville who donated the 2x4s for the forms, and Qdoba of Barboursville for the lunch they provided. Pinnacle Solutions of Huntsville, AL also provided funds to help make this happen. It was an awesome effort.