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May 1, 2019
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Craving Success – Inaugural ESOP Dinner

On April 5th, Pinnacle held the Inaugural Employee Owner Dinner in Huntsville.  The purpose of the dinner was to gather Pinnacle Employee Owners together to hear news about what it is to be an owner at Pinnacle.

Employee Owners learned that being an owner at Pinnacle is more than embracing a company culture. It is putting your ownership into action to make the company better and building your individual wealth in the process. The focus of the meeting was how to do that as employee owners. and how Pinnacle can help in this pursuit.

So, how do we, as owners, put our ownership into action?  We do this daily by doing our job and doing it well! We also do this by making necessary changes in our schedule, job duties, and in our task management to meet the goals of the company or contract. It’s by leaning forward and being actively engaged in all you do.  We were introduced to several employees that have set a great example to follow. Keep up the good work Mary Cooper, Samantha Soliz, and Aaron Harris!

How does Pinnacle help employee ownership? Pinnacle has created three ESOP Cultural Advisory Teams. During the meeting, Pinnacle teams discussed their goals and future projects.  While each team has a different purpose, the goal is the same- to engage employees within the company to be effective employee owners.  Events are encouraged at Pinnacle, be it small monthly birthday gatherings or yearly large parties. We want to you feel appreciated and included!   The Employee Communication and Coalition (ECo) team is the voice of employee owners.  Employees are encouraged to come to them with suggestions and comments.  Employee ownership is a positive atmosphere for Pinnacle and ECo wants to help make that happen. Our philanthropy team, Rise Up/Reach Out, is a means for employees to have a direct way to impact the community they live and work in.  Giving of our time and talents as well as our treasures into the Rise Up, Reach Out program is a great way to be a part of something bigger and it is in the final stages of acquiring tax exemption status.

An engaged employee is more likely to be motivated and happy.  Engaged, motivated and happy employee owners is what builds a strong employee ownership culture! But it takes YOU to make that happen.  If you are interested in being a part of Pinnacle’s ESOP teams, please let us know!

It wouldn’t have been an Employee Ownership meeting without discussing Pinnacle’s opportunities. Pinnacle is proud that our company Mission and Vision has stayed true throughout our 11 years.  Our commitment to our core values is one of the things that has put us on top in our industry and will keep us there. 2018 has led to many organizational successes and contract awards that will see us well into the future.  Our pipeline of work is strong and so our company success is in line to become even stronger.  This means great financial gains for Pinnacle and its owners! Pinnacle’s 2018 share value was revealed at an increase of over 21%!!!

After all, building a strong company culture with financial stability and individual wealth building opportunities is what an ESOP is all about.  What a great reward for your work in making this company a leading competitor in our market.

The inaugural dinner was such a success that we will be having more at various Pinnacle offices.  The next one is in Lexington on June 3rd.

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Employee Owner’s Inaugural Dinner

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